The History Of Aviation And The Development Of Aircraft Design

The problem of take-off and landing of aircrafts has already given rise centuries ago, and given some temporary solutions. The most interesting of these solutions is, no doubt, in the blowing of air on the wings of aircraft. It will still take many years to witness the practical application of a radical solutions, which will not fail to lead, then, to a revolutionary design of future aircraft.

Aviation history in progress

The history of aviation is a mixture of facts of war, but also extraordinary technological advances. The history of aviation just because aviation only became military in 1914. Through the aircraft of World War II where it was the first time when planes made great raids with the crossing of the North and South Atlantics, even beyond that, they went to space with Sputnik and the latest technological advances in the conquest of space.

We provide the best ground for filed understanding of the aircraft design. Veteran pilots often “fly” through the best moments of a recent or distant career. They try to share these memories by publishing or speaking the best moments lived between heaven and earth. They take the audience to see and touch these planes that have left them feeling so much.

Observing live the aircraft design history offers the opportunity to relive the memories or acquire new ones by flying historical planes in a world as close as possible to reality by flying simulation. The ambition is to propose with time all the airplanes historical air forces. Exhibitor aircrafts provide an overview of the technologies of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Presenting innovative Air Lab

The Air Lab revolves around three components:

  • Pick-up your innovation

This space proposes a route dedicated to innovation in aircraft and aerospace sector, in connection with the digital sectors. This will define a shared route between collaborative research from major groups, structured into major programs, and the creative expansion of startups in the field.

These laboratory is dedicated to collaborative innovation in the aircraft design sector is organized to compare the work of large groups, major research institutes and startups on the following themes:

  • “Aeronautics”, which include the ideas and designs of aircraft of the future, aviation sustainable, propulsion, etc.
  • Digital and new applications”, that is drones, connectivity, Aeronautics Plants of the future, etc.
  • “Space”, focused on earth observation, space agencies, etc.
  • Visionary hub

Visionary hub provides for unusual encounters around aircraft design process, aeronautics and aircraft design of tomorrow. Iconic personalities and experts from different horizons will exchange, dialogue, and even confront the ambition to get the public to question the major changes of today and tomorrow.

  • Experimental gates

This part of the Air Lab offers immersive and innovative experiences, starting from the aircraft history to the aeronautics world and space via virtual and augmented reality.

Five themes will constitute the cardinal points of this zone, providing an insight into the aircraft design:

  • in the heart of the cockpit,
  • the flight,
  • the discovery of space,
  • becoming an astronaut.

Visit to the Air Lab is a unique opportunity to meet those who plan, design, develop software, produce, sell and maintain the aircraft, but also to see and touch the final product.

Hunting Aviation

Hunting aviation provides a totally different part in the history of aviation and the development of aircraft design. Its objective is to prepare the evolutions of the existing system and the future air combat system. The focus is on collaborative network operation and the ability to integrate innovations in the field of aircraft design, electronics, radar, optronics, connectivity and discretion.

It involves, by means of technological demonstrators (aircraft, engine, deported effectors), accentuated the international management, technology and outsourcing consulting company deploying a team of professionals dedicated to the aircraft and aerospace industry.

Combining industry experience, business expertise and research and innovation capabilities developed and implemented with the world’s leading organizations in this industry, laboratories and research centers can work hand-in-hand to deploy the solutions to drive the next generation.